How it works

  1. Contact us: Using our Enquiry form, by email or by phone, with contact and event details. We will discuss your requirements to get the best for your event.
  2. Send payment: Once a booking deposit has been received, we will send you an email confirmation and details of collection/delivery. Balance and the refundable hire deposit are due 2 weeks before the event.
  3. Receive bunting: Either through our national courier service as arranged or by collecting from the pick up point in Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex.
  4. Return bunting: By courier or in-person to Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex.
  5. Deposit refunded: Once the bunting has been received back and checked. A receipt can also be provided upon request.

We have set criteria to follow for each hire, but we are flexible and are willing to adapt to suit your needs where we can — just ask!
We are happy to discuss in detail individual events and you can come and view the bunting before making a booking.

The bunting is provided in plastic storage boxes with guidance leaflets on hanging, folding, packing away and preparing for a courier collection.

Booking Deposits:

Please read the enclosed instructions when to get your box of bunting, this ensures you get the most out of your hire and your deposit returned in full.

Booking deposits work out at about half the bunting hire. Hire deposits to be held are as follows:

30m – £50.00, 40m – £60.00, 50m – £70.00, 60m – £80.00, 80m – £100.00, 100m – £120.00, Over 100m – £150.00 upwards

This figure may vary depending on the occasion ie public events. 96% of all our deposits have always been returned untouched. We will only consider using the deposit if we have to replace or repair the bunting – for example in cases of permanent staining or damage, or if no effort has been made to follow the enclosed instructions.