How to Hang

Marquee Sizes and Recommended Amounts

FeetMetresRecommended Amount
12 x 123.6 x 3.610 – 20m
20 x 206 x 630 – 40m
40 x 2012 x 640m
40 x 4012 x 1240 – 50m
60 x 4018 x 1250 – 60m
80 x 4024 x 1260 – 80m
100 x 4030 x 1280 – 100m
120 x 4036 x 12100m

This guidance is to give you enough leeway to hang as you please within a marquee and are rough estimates.

Please look at our photo links on the bunting page to get more ideas for hanging.

This is guidance and of course, depends on how you decide to hang the bunting. Have a look at the pictures under the more photos links on the bunting page to get ideas of how to hang and see below.

Hanging the Bunting

You will need points to attach your bunting to, something you can tie around or hook onto. Each end had a long tie to attach to something or to tie the next piece together with a bow. It is concertina folded in the box to make it easier to hang as you take it out.

Hanging Point to Point


Tie Up

Star Hanging (most effective)

Perimeter Hanging

Zig Zag Hanging

Double Zig Zag Hanging